Edsa Garden HouseWelcome to the Edsa Garden House website.  In this portal, you will discover loads of information about a variety of different herbs and plants that could be the start of your journey towards healthier living.  Check our HERBS 101 section and click on any type to read more about each herb and its benefits.  Read more about our propagated plants like Ashitaba and learn more for your health and wellness.  We would like for you to come and visit our store if you need more information.  Our friendly staff would be glad to assist you for your gardening needs.

When You plant a seed, you believe in a tomorrow, that whatever the future holds, you have faith that it will grow.  Tending a garden is a testimony that you believe in hope.  Truly, our hearts are filled with joy and delight experiencing growth and development of our herbal plants.  Each one has a unique gift and characteristic that makes it nature’s blessing to the world.





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